We are ClinicSpots

We're on a mission to help mankind live healthier and longer.

ClinicSpots allows you to search, compare and coordinate your medical treatments with trusted clinics.. Get quality health care facilities,affordable procedures and shorter waiting times all on your terms.


Our mission is Innovation and Convenience rolled in one in the field of Healthcare.


Our vision is to help provide the best healthcare to everyone in need.


Our Core values are convenience , quality care and privacy.


As per our policy we ensure that we do not miuse any of our patient's personal data. The directory and booking is free for anyone with an internet connection. Because access to healthcare is too important to sell.

Quality Care

We help in providing trustworthy health care facilities from some of the best and internationally accredted Clinics. Our motto is to provide best and affordable healthcare facilities to everyone. Hence,we do not charge anything from our users.


We have on our panel, skilled and experienced medical practitioners well known in their respective field. We believe that health is wealth. One has to take the decision wisely when it concerns his health.